Accessibility and Magni Mundi tours

We want to provide a service to all who are interested in our tours, so we have compiled information about the accessibility of our guided tours below.

Guided tours for the physically impaired: All walking tours, in which buildings are not entered, can be modified to be accessible if notified beforehand. You can find more information about a specific tour and its suitability for you in its description. You can find tours that are already physically accessible (not including the audio described tour) collected on this page. We travel through the city centre, so there might be some short stretches of uneven stone paving or steep hills. We do not stop on any inclines and our guides can always help with any issues moving.

Guided tours for the visually impaired: Some of our tours have parts where pictures are shown, therefore are not fully accessible to the visually impaired. This is mentioned in the tour description. The main focus of our tours is always oral narration. The audio described Old Turku tour is made specifically for the visually impaired. You can also book a private audio described architecture tour for your own group, with several different themes.

Guided tours for the hearing impaired: The guide will use a voice amplifier at all times. Sign language interpreters are welcome on our tours.

We can serve you best when we know to prepare beforehand and modify our tours to be more accessible if needed. For example, some buildings can be wheelchair accessible, if we book an accessible door or elevator to be opened in advance.

Assistants (with assistant cards), guide dogs or sign language interpreters are welcome on our tours. Some tours have limited capacity because of space requirements (for example our eight person boat tours), in which an assistant/dog/interpreter will take up one spot.

Accessibility is important to us. Contact us and ask us more about our tours.

Some of our accessible tours: