Boat ride on the River Aura

Would you like a boat ride on the River Aura? Taking an electric Låna boat on a river cruise is the perfect way to get to know Turku from its famous river, made even easier by our one of our guides. Join us on our journey.

The River Aura is the reason Turku was born, so it makes sense to see the city from where it all started. How many bridges do we pass under, and how high do the seven hills of Turku look from the water?

In addition to our guide there is room for seven people on the boat. The boat ride takes an hour, starting from the city centre going downriver and back.

If you wish, you can take a longer tour, or take a picnic basket with you on the boat.

You can reserve a guide from us for your own boat ride. You might also like our more extensive tours, combining walking and boating. Ask us for more information!

Let’s sail the river together!