Magni Mundi – Booking terms and conditions


These Booking Terms and Conditions apply to group tours and programs that last less than 24 hours and do not include accommodation.
The group tour package, guide services and programs can be ordered either by calling or sending an email to To place an order, we need the date and time, the number of people and the desired services. We need the billing address when the order is confirmed. Also please include the VAT number if your company is within EU.

Our package prices are based on adult prices on weekdays. Please contact us about children’s prices. Increased prices apply on Sundays and public holidays. The prices include the value-added tax unless otherwise indicated. The prices do not include transportation, if it is not mentioned separately.

A written reservation confirmation is always sent to the customer by e-mail. The person making the reservation has the obligation to check the reservation confirmation so that the dates and times as well as the content of the order correspond to what was agreed on the phone or by e-mail.
When you confirm the order, we expect to receive your billing address.
The order is normally invoiced via email invoice. In some cases, the reservation can also be paid in advance or on the spot by credit card or cash. The booking confirmation is not valid as an invoice.

The order is invoiced according to the confirmed number of people. Changes in the number of people on tours with only guide service must be made no later than 48 hours before the time of the reservation by 4 pm Finnish time on weekdays. If the reservation includes meals or other services, changes to the number of people must be made 10 days before the trip.
If the number of people exceeds the confirmed number of people, the group will be billed according to the actual number of people. If the already agreed date of the group excursion is changed, we reserve the right to charge change costs.
If the group is delayed from the agreed starting time, this must be reported to Magni Mundi or directly to the guide. The guide will wait for the group for half an hour at the agreed meeting place and carry out the service within the allotted time. However, a full fee is charged for the guidance.

All cancellations and changes must be made in writing without delay to Magni Mundi by 4pm on weekdays (Finnish time). The cancellation or change is valid from the moment we have confirmed the receipt of the cancellation or change.

Guide reservation
You can cancel a guided tour reservation free of charge 48 hours before the tour on weekdays by 4 pm. If the guide is cancelled less than 48 hours before the tour, we will charge the minimum charge price as expenses. If the guided tour reservation is not cancelled, but the guided tour remains unfulfilled for reasons beyond Magni Mundi’s control, we will charge the full price of the guided tour fee.

Excursion package (duration less than 24 hours, does not include accommodation)
The excursion package must be cancelled on weekdays by 4 p.m. We reserve the right to charge any cancellation fees.
If the tour package includes meals or transportation, the cancellation must be made no later than 14 days before the trip. Packages containing other services must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation conditions of that service. More detailed cancellation conditions for each service will be provided in connection with the booking confirmation.
If the excursion package is cancelled later than mentioned above, we will charge the price of the entire package as cancellation fees. If the excursion package is not cancelled, but the trip remains unfulfilled for one reason or another, we charge the price of the entire package. We recommend taking out travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage.

All rights to changes are reserved.

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