Mindfulness moment

I was cooped up inside all day – trying to innovate, thinking how to develop, market and co-operate with other people. For 9 hours. Driving home, I got this crazy idea. This is one of the routes I use often. I enjoy watching beautiful scenery from car window and feel relaxed just by looking at it while driving by. But not today.

Today I parked my car at Kurjenrahka national park and went for a walk. It was 7 degrees Celsius/44.6 Fahrenheit and I had summer clothes on me. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Some pathways are easy to walk and there are clear signs where to go – you can’t get lost.

Some pathways are less easy to walk, especially with summer shoes in October. I strongly recommend using a good footwear when going to nature. For me, it was easier to take shoes and stockings off and walk barefoot.

Before realizing how much easier it was to be barefoot, I went off-track to take some photos and immediately broke my stockings (that’s 6,95€ lost).

But I think it was worth it – and much more. Just look at this scenery! Swamp. Marsh. Bog.

There is also a lake, but we got lakes everywhere. It’s nothing special. Swamp, that’s where my soul rests.

What did I do:
walk about 1,6 km/1 mile
spent 45 minutes in nature
End up with:
20 photos
1 pair of broken stockings
1 pair of lungs filled with fresh air
1 brain relaxed and invigorated
Experienced and written by Karoliina.
PS. You can enjoy Finnish nature at any time of the year, contact us and we can arrange a tour for you