Mother’s Day together but afar – TOP 4 for culture lovers

Mother’s Day without family gathering together? We have given it some thought and made a list of cultural activities you can do together safely, regardless of the distance.
1. Guided tour at Paimio Sanatorium

Join us for a virtual tour at the Paimio Sanatorium, a masterpiece by Alvar and Aino Aalto. Paimio Sanatorium was finished in 1933 and it functioned as tuberculosis sanatorium for decades. Building itself is a healing element.
On our tour you’ll get to see this wonderful architecture from inside and outside, and also furniture and lamps that were designed for this building. Sanatorium was designed to be completely functional – for patients and staff both. Even colors follow the function of the room.
We will discuss the design and details to you in real-time whilst viewing the videos and photos. You can choose rooms we visit and ask questions. We can also talk about the life at the Sanatorium, Alvar Aaltos designing principles and what comes to your mind.
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2. Walk along the River Aura

Come and join us on a live streamed walk along the Aura, the river that was the life line of Turku and the Proper Finland in early Finnish history. Turku is the oldest town in Finland. You get to talk with us about history and modern day in this wonderful town.
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3. Virtual exhibitions and guided tours at museums

Turku Art Museum

Museums all around the world have made high quality virtual exhibitions and guided tours. You can easily pick one that suites your taste from tens or even hundreds different locales.
From you can find Finnish museums (in Finnish). Alvar Aalto museum in Jyväskylä has their own experience online. To find out more what is on offer at museums in English, click here.
Enjoy a fun day at a virtual museum!
4. Picnic at cultural site

Kylämäki Village in Kurala, Turku

Are you living close to your mother but can’t visit at the moment? Go and have a picnic together in a cultural heritage site.
All you have to do, is pick an outdoor cultural heritage site where you’ll meet your mother. Following the guidelines for Covid-19 restrictions, you can enjoy being together in a safe way. Take picnic food, blanket and whatnot with you, and make a day of it!
One of you could read about the history of the site you’re going to and share the knowledge with others onsite. Great places to visit are for example interesting architecture locales, museum gardens, archaeological sites and so on.
If you are in Finland, send us a message and we’ll tell you the best places to visit.
Happy Mothers Day!

Artist Väinö Oja statue garden in Paimio