Some of the most beautiful Chapels

In addition to Helsinki’s Hietaniemi, Turku Cemetery is the most culturally and historically significant cemetery in Finland. The area of almost 60 hectares accommodates Lutheran, Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic as well as Catholic cemeteries.

Dozens of monuments and nearly 50,000 tombs tell the story of people who have influenced the history of the city and the country as a whole, and their families since the early 19th century.

“A unique, wonderfully timeless piece of architecture in the world.” This is how the Resurrection Chapel, designed by architect Erik Bryggman, is described in dozens of international publications through the ages. Completed in 1941, in the midst of the war, this modern chapel exudes peace and nature connection.

On the other side of the Turku cemetery, stands the Chapel of the Holy Cross, designed by architect Pekka Pitkänen and completed in 1967. This is the newest chapel in the area and it blends into the terrain. Constructive concrete architecture gives space to humanity and sorrow with its unpretentious minimalism. The small architectural details stand out only when you stop for a moment and keep your senses open. The complex includes three chapels and a crematorium.

On our tour of the Chapels, we will admire and in some level compare these magnificent chapels. Both chapels are called main work of each architect. We walk through the cemetery from one chapel to another- It is possible to combine the chapels with general information about the cemetery and its history (30 min.).

Want to learn about the people buried here or the art of the cemetery? Ask us about our theme tours at the cemetery.

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