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Finland is a beautiful country. Full of exciting possibilities to explore. Let us tailor a travel package, just for you.

We are a local travel agency and knowledgeable in travelling in this wonderful country.

With a tailor-made travel package to suit your schedule and budget, you will get the most of your stay!

Below you will find some examples to inspire you. 

Tailor-made travel from local experts

To help us provide the perfect package, consider these points:

1. How would you like to travel; your own car, rental car, bike or public transport..?
2. When would you like to travel and how long for?
3. How big is your group? Are children coming too?
4. What level of comfort are you looking for?
5. Is it culture, architecture or something else you find interesting?

We love working with our clients to craft itineraries to suit their needs. Just fill in the contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.  

We’ll get to work to put together a perfect package for you, and once you are happy, we will make the final reservations.

We tailor both individual and group tours.

Let us know your wishes, and leave the rest to us!

Inspiring examples 

Turun Sanomat building

Aalto celebration for two

Embark on an architectural celebration, just the two of you.
Whether you celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just life, we can tailor you a worthy tour.

Enjoy world class architecture, delicious meals and relax together under Aaltos ceilings.

Example trip – duration 3 days

Price on request

Trip starts at the Paimio Sanatorium which is  the breakthrough design of  Alvar ja Aino Aalto. On the private guided tour you will hear about the architecture and life at the Sanatorium.

Travel to Turku. We recommend lunch at one of the high quality restaurants in town.

Accommodation in a hotel designed by architect Eric Bryggman, Solo Sokos Seurahuone, or similar. 

A private guided tour in Turku, according to your wishes. 

Table reservation at a fine restaurant plus other activities if required.

Breakfast at the hotel
Travel to Kauttua. 
There are plenty of sights along the way, we will suggest suitable ones, once we know your interests.
Driving through lovely wood and lake lands of Finland is an experience in itself.
In Kauttua you will check in at Villa Aalto, designed by Alvar Aalto. For those in favour of more comfort also a suite is available.
A private guided tour of the Kauttua Works areas will cover the Terraced house and The Riverside Sauna.
At the Riverside Sauna you can enjoy a Sauna and some treatments, just the two of you.
Dinner at the restaurant or at the Villa.

Breakfast at the hotel.

A private tour of Eura, with a guide. The prehistory centre will give you insight of the early centuries and viking time.

Also a visit to local society house and the Eura church.

Trip ends.

Alternatively you can continue towards Noormarkku and experience Villa Mairea. 

Arkkitehtuuria, Turku

Homes and Habitats by Aalto

Get to know Alvar and Aino Aalto signature designs on the West Coast of Finland. Villa Mairea in Noormarkku, Kauttua Terraced house and Paimio Sanatorium are  homes, where everyday life merges with architecture and iconic design furniture. Well-being stems from the pine forests and riverside sauna. Set out to experience living as envisioned by Alvar Aalto!

Example trip – duration 2 days

Price on request

The first attraction is the Paimio Sanatorium. This tuberculosis sanatorium, designed by the architect couple Aino and Alvar Aalto, served as home for the patients and also for some of the personnel.

Lunch is served at the Sanatorium.

The tour continues to Kauttua in Eura. At the Kauttua Ruukinpuisto Works,  the everyday life of the residents of the industrial area is reflected in the social dimension and human scale of housing architecture by Alvar Aalto.

In Kauttua, a guide leads us to visit the Terraced House. The tour also presents other residential buildings designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto in the area, and we can also enjoy the atmosphere of the riverside sauna.

Supper is served in the old manor house of the former industrial estate or at the riverside sauna. Accommodation takes place in Villa Aalto, a former residence of female office employees.

The tour continues from Kauttua towards Ahlström’s Noormarkku Works in Pori.

In Noormarkku, there is a guided tour of Villa Mairea, the building that Alvar Aalto designed as the home of his friends Maire and Harry Gullichsen. The building hosts a significant international art collection and original interior design by Aino Aalto.

The guided tour continues on foot, presenting the Noormarkku Works area and the Voyage exhibition. The exhibition describes the industrial history of the Ahlström companies and Finland in general.

There is lunch at the Noormarkku Club House.

Trip ends.

Notice: this can be just a part of your Aalto tour – we can extend it with Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä, Helsinki or other Aalto destinations.

Example itinerary for a week’s Aalto tour in Finland

See here: Aalto in Finland (link)

Or would you just take a day trip or a guided tour?

We have plenty of ready-made tours and day trips for you to choose from.

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