Turku Region

Turku is the oldest town of Finland, with a nearly 800 year history to explore. The town was established by the River Aura, which is still the major attraction of the downtown Turku.

A walk by the river, what ever time of the year, will give you an idea of the town and it’s history and present. Culture, merchandise, ideas and people arrived to this part of world along the river and spread from here all over the country.

The region of Finland was governed from Turku for hundreds of years, until 1812, and this was the starting point  and cradle for many an institution, phenomena and invention.

Turku and the nearby councils have a lot to offer for the traveller.  Whether you are looking for history, culture, architecture, nature, culinary or any other kind of experiences, Turku Region has most of it.

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Images of Turku