Visit to Meyer Turku Shipyard

Take a guided tour of the Meyer Turku shipyard. Tours are available for groups all year round.

See the new and amazing cruise ships under construction.

Turku is the birthplace of luxury cruisers. Meyer Turku builds the world’s largest, most technically advanced and environmentally friendly cruise ships. Our guide tells you about this community like a small town, with networks extending all over the world.

Before visiting the shipyard, you will also explore an exhibition about shipbuilding and the history of shipyards, at the Forum Marinum Maritime Center .

From there the tour continues by bus towards Meyer’s shipyard. You will hear about the history of the Turku shipyard and about shipbuilding as a business. During the shipyard tour, the guide presents the multi-step process of shipbuilding. The huge dock area, various parts of the ships, blocks and cranes can be seen safely from the bus. If there are no safety concerns at the particular time, you can get off the bus next to the ship under construction. Photography is also allowed at that spot.

Guided tours to the shipyards are organized at times which suit the shipyard. The total duration of the tour is 2 hours.

During the tour, the bus travels along predetermined routes. You are allowed to get off the bus only at the designated place. A helmet must be worn when leaving the bus.

Request an offer for your own group. Or see below if there are suitable days and times.

NOTE: the tours booked online (below) require your own transportation by bus / coach or minivan. If you need transportation, contact us for a quote!