Winter swimming

Swimming and winter do not mix together, many believe, but there are other opinions in the matter. Here in Finland we have quite a large group of people who just love their “avanto” – which is how we call the “hole in the ice”. And they even love going into the water before it is freezing 😀

I have been winter swimming now for 5 winters and love it. It is what keeps me healthy and active. And keeps the flus away.

Winter 2021 was a snowy one, even here in Turku.

So, the water is cold, the air is sometimes even colder. But we also have the sauna. For most people it is easiest to start winter swimming or try it for the first time if there is a sauna to go to and warm up. Or at least a warm place to change your clothes.

But I strongly urge to try it the “proper way”: go first into the water and after that to the sauna. And then repeat. You might notice that it actually is worse after the sauna, as the temperature difference is bigger. But I promise you – you will feel better after the repeated visit! The blood flows and so does adrenaline, it is like a rush. And next day you wanna go again!

If you are interested, we can help you. Join us and we will show you the ropes. If you are a larger group, we can organise a whole tour for you, with transportation, sauna, hole in the ice, some snacks and company to instruct you.

Experience Finland and the Finnish way of life <3