Life on a Leaf – Visit unique Leaf house

Visit in the Leaf House, designed by artist Jan-Erik Andersson.

The Finnish artist Jan-Erik Andersson’s Gesamtkunstwerk (or ‘Total Art Work’), the leaf shaped house Life on a Leaf, was completed in 2009. The unique house, which functions as a artistic residence, was first conceived in 1999. It was planned with architect Erkki Pitkäranta, with whom Andersson has worked for many years.

The Life on a Leaf house has inspired a dozen of Andersson’s artist colleagues to make art works and poems, which are incorporated into the building: wall and floor details, a laminated kitchen table top, wall paper, light fixtures, in-floor video work, outdoor tables and benches, environmental planning and a sound installation in a handrail which responds to changes in the wind and light outside.

We will give you a one hour tour which will give you insight into the art and project. This is a private tour for your own group, and a on-request-product. There is a resident in the house, so reservations cannot be confirmed at all times.

Please suggest a time that would suit your group and we will confirm the tour as soon as possible. You can also contact us for more details.

House shaped as a leaf
Life on a Leaf House

The video below will give you a small glimpse of this wonderful house, and in addition, to another architectural sight: St. Henry´s Ecumenical Art Chapel. The Chapel is close by the Life on a Leaf House, so make sure to visit both of them. Ask us for more information.