Säynätsalo Town Hall entrepreneur Tavolo Bianco Oy and travel agency Magni Mundi Oy are expanding their cooperation

Two responsible tourism companies are expanding their cooperation in cultural tourism. Tavolo Bianco, the entrepreneur of Säynätsalo Town Hall, one of Alvar Aalto’s most significant works, and Turku-based travel agency Magni Mundi offer both domestic and foreign tourists more comprehensive and convenient Aalto experience packages.

Säynätsalo Town Hall is the main destination for many architecture tourists – whether it’s a short or longer multi-site tour in Finland. After the building was no longer in official use due to the municipal merger, there have been moments of danger in its history, even the threat of dilapidation. Now, the building and its cultural-historical significance have risen to a new level of prosperity. Tourists are invited to experience the architecture, the nature of Säynätsalo and Lake Päijänne, and the community of the islands.

Tavolo Bianco has organized Aalto-themed trips to Italy and various parts of Finland. In the future, the company will focus on services for the Aalto destinations in Säynätsalo and Jyväskylä. With Tavolo Bianco giving up its official role as a tour operator, it is only natural to expand the cooperation with Magni Mundi. Magni Mundi is a travel agency focused on cultural tourism in Finland. Magni Mundi is committed to offering travelers experiences with local people and increasing their understanding of local culture and social and environmental values. And what’s best, Magni Mundi, in its role as a tour operator, can package services, accommodation, and transportation under consumer protection law.

“In Finland, there is a multitude of great sites to explore,” says Magni Mundi. The Aalto experience can just as well be a short visit to the Säynätsalo Town Hall, including accommodation and a boat trip to Alvar Aalto’s summer residence in Muuratsalo, or a longer stay to tour and get a comprehensive overview of Aalto’s life and architecture, as well as Finnish nature and lifestyle.

“Foreign visitors have been hoping for ready-made packages that include everything. With Magni Mundi, we can even better offer them such a service – and suggest, for example, environmentally friendly travel options. We always try to act so that the visitor is left with the feeling that when they visit our destinations, they have left behind something good. The visitor has not destroyed, taken advantage of, or caused harm to the local nature and people – but they have contributed to the destination”, says Tavolo Bianco CEO and entrepreneur Harri Taskinen.

“The knowledge of the Aalto destinations and their spirit, and the dedication of Tavolo Bianco’s entire staff to the implementation of Aalto experiences have impressed us. Closer cooperation makes it possible to create even better experiences, in line with the customer’s wishes. Our travel packages all over Finland are always tailored to the customer’s needs and budget”, says Karoliina Vitikainen, Magni Mundi’s CEO and partner.

Both companies are involved in the European Cultural Route association that cherishes Aalto’s architecture and design and, as responsible tourism operators, have signed the Glasgow Climate Declaration. Tavolo Bianco also has the right to use the STF (Sustainable Travel Finland) mark and the Biosphere Tourism certificate. Magni Mundi is committed to reaching these marks soon.

Tavolo Bianco:
Regardless of your profession, education, experience, or whatever stage of your life you are in, what mobility you have, or who you love, you are always safe and welcome to visit Säynätsalo municipal hall.

Magni Mundi:
For us, responsibility means comprehensive respect for nature and culture. We want to support you in your adventures. We can tell you where to find adventures – just the right amount, both for the culture-hungry as well as the slow revelers.

Additional information:
Harri Taskinen
Tavolo Bianco Oy
+358 40 1971 091

Karoliina Vitikainen
Magni Mundi Oy
+358 44 9778981